Saturday, March 21, 2015


I woke up dizzy this morning. And that concerns me. I have to drive down to Provo this morning. And that concerns me because I am dizzy and also because Saturday on State Street is basically Meghan's Panic Attack Waiting to Happen. It's not that bad, I guess. It's better than the freeway. Plus, it's pretty outside. Plus, I have good music and windows that roll down and thoughts that pop up only when I'm cruisin'. That's right! Cruisin'! I don't know exactly what "cruisin'" entails. I don't know if I have actually ever cruised in my life. I use too many adverbs.

Yesterday I slipped. Not physically, that I can remember, but with Ed. He's a slippery fool who often brings me with him down his slide. At the bottom of the slide are sharks and needles and super glue. And probably lava as well. Anyway, I suppose I shall not go into the specifics of the slippage, but let us (me) just say that I am discouraged. I lack the motivation I have had these past few weeks. It hasn't completely disappeared and I still have a little bit of hope that it will return, but... But I'm just tired.

I don't know. I'll get back to you.

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