Monday, March 23, 2015


Crap. I feel happy and relatively calm this morning, which means I'm going to be in a way too good mood at work. This is seriously a problem! I get so talkative with my coworkers when I'm in these moods and then they think that I am probably on meth! Kidding. But I am sure they are suspicious of how extroverted I've become over the past few weeks. Oh, who am I kidding. They don't notice. They don't care. They don't know my name! They still call me Crystal for some reason.

Anyway, I love you!

I finished an eating disorder book this morning. It was actually pretty helpful! It told me to develop a healthy voice and to give it a name. Interesting that in my mind, Ed is male and my healthy voice is female. Boys drool, girls rule!!! But I think it mostly has to do with "Ed" traditionally being a male name -- and I want my healthy voice to be my voice. For now, however, I will not name my healthy voice "Meg." Meg is too preoccupied with screaming on a roller coaster to be a rational, soothing voice. If you have any suggestions on what I should call my healthy voice, please contact me via telepathy or carrier pigeon or, hell, even smoke signals. Hell! Damn! Butthead! (Butthead is a front-runner for the healthy voice name.)

My dad just ended an email he sent to me by saying, "Yurt an amazing person." LOL, Dad. LOL 4ever. It's true, though. I AM amazing. I am also a yurt.

Okay, surprise surprise surprise... I GET TO STAY IN A YURT IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!! I will tell you more when I know more because all I know as of last night is that I get to stay in a yurt for two days. Two glorious, yurtiful days.

Imagine having an alligator as a pet. Imagine having to feed it every morning. Imagine having an alligator disorder and you have to start recovery for it and you update your Facebook status often about your frustrations and victories with AD. Eventually you will learn the rules of "normal" alligator behavior. But until then, hang in there. It gets better. It gets messy. It gets swampy.

Maybe I should end this post while I'm ahead. Oh, just thought about it for a sec and I think I am behind. Better give up on this post before I get ahead. In my head I have some yurtiful ideas that I wish to share with just one of you. And I think I will. Right now.

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