Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We are ugly, but we have the music.

Okay, so we aren't ugly. We're beautiful. And we definitely have the music--or rather, it has us.

Tonight was my first time seeing Bob Dylan in concert. I was supposed to see him last year at Deer Valley, but a shitstorm (well, not an actual shitstorm--more of a rainstorm) hit and my dad, sister, and I (unfortunately) split.

Saltair may not be the number one place for musical events, but at least it was dry as a bone inside (that's what he said?)... Well, except for the occasional drip drop of water leaking from the ceiling. I'm guessing it was water and not the sweat/spit/other bodily fluid of the tye dyed dude behind me.

Thank you, Bob, for casting a great shadow. Thank you for playing "Ballad of a Thin Man." Thank you for bringing together generations of people who care about your words. Thank you for that hat.

Confession: This post was supposed to be about something depressing, like my chronic depression. It was supposed to be about my frustrations with not feeling any emotions (except for the emotion of frustration, apparently). It was supposed to discuss in an abstract way my past. It was supposed to cast a great shadow on the world of blogs and the blog of the world. It never was.

But here's my post-Bob Dylan concert post. Enjoy. Or rather, enjoyed.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Things I am afraid of right now:

*two Goshert midterms
*breathing public air (for fear of catching the SWINE FLU)
*wearing these slightly tight wingtip shoes right now... blisters?
*using the word "propagate" incorrectly

Things I am not afraid of right now:

*the rain-- I got me a mothatruckin' umbrella, fools.
*second-hand smoke
*giants accidentally eating me in their alphabet soup
*being stalked by Tom from MySpace

Friday, October 9, 2009

Rob Steffen, here is your shout-out.

Hi guys. I'm back. And I'm still vegan. And I'm still chronically anxious and depressed (BUT WORKING ON IT!). And I'm still in love with the Dalai Lama. Why? Because he recently said the next Dalai Lama should be a woman. Here is a link to an article about it: http://www.doublex.com/section/news-politics/next-dalai-lama-should-be-woman?page=0#

I apologize for the sloppiness of the link. HTML what? I don't know. I don't even know what HTML means. I think it has something to do with Harriet Tubman and Martin Luther.

Right now the school custodian is discussing guns with Greg Wilcox.

There is pie in the newsroom. Right now. If anyone wants a slice. You better hurry, though. IT WON'T LAST. But you know what DOES last? Tattoos. Speaking of... Never mind. Secret.

I want to read more Rumi. And I want my room(y) to be clean. But do I want to clean it? Not likely. I'd rather read Rumi in my non-roomy room. Ruminating over... stuff. You know.

Man. Caffeine.

I am going to go as the Jonas Brothers for Halloween. All twelve of them.