Sunday, March 15, 2015


An interesting day! I made it through the parts I thought were going to be rough. The really tRiPpY thing is that the parts I thought were going to be rough ended up being hella un-rough. In other words, I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of certain events. I have no idea why I'm being so vague right now. Basically, I was going to get my hair colored at 2pm, which would take at least an hour and a half. And if you are a loyal reader (hi, mama!), you already know that 2pm is my gloomy time. It's the time when I have to be outside and walk off the blues. Well, can't do that if I have bleach and tinfoil in my hair, now can I? I mean, I CAN, but I can't. Anyway, turns out the hair dying process took an hour longer than expected, but it was an hour which I did not notice. Why? Because I was having a very stimulating and satisfying conversation with my hairdresser. Cool chick! Really cool. Hell, we may even one day be roommates and/or go camping. If we end up being roommates, we could always go camping in our living room. Just set up the tent, have a mandatory pillow fight, and then braid each other's hair all night while gossiping about boys. She would braid some killer braids. And we wouldn't really talk about boys. We'd most likely talk about psychiatrists, cats, and Mitt Romney, which are three things we discussed at length today.

So yes, it was nice to have a not-terribly-exhausting nearly-three hour conversation with another human, specifically a girl my age. I want more girlfriends! I already have so many kickass girlfriends, but if I can be greedy for one goshdamn second, I'd like to have a million more girlfriends. I'd like to have all of the girlfriends in the world! And beyond! I'd like to have alien girlfriends!

There is something so wonderful to me about connecting with another female. Boys have their clubs and their "brotherhood," but what about us gals? It seems as if we are always pitted against one another, as if we are in some all-consuming competition. What are we even competing for? And why? What's the use? Let us go back to our pagan roots and dance together naked in the woods under the mother moon, howling like wolves.

Ugh. The DREAM.

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