Sunday, February 7, 2016


I feel like I am finally waking up. It has everything to do with the sleeping pill wearing off. Waking up isn't necessarily welcomed, but I'll roll with it. (That sounded dark and perhaps a bit emo. What I meant was that I think dreams are cool. That's all.)

So yeah! Quick thoughts, quickly coming your way, best to get out of the way. Here they come!

What if I move to Thailand? Hear me out. The cost of living is ridiculously cheap and... And I've already talked about this, huh? Like, yesterday. Who knows. I never reread my posts. It's probably for the best that I don't. Thailand: Cheap, friendly, Buddhist. What's not to love? (What's not to love is the gabillion miles I'll be from my loved ones.)

If not Thailand, what about New Mexico? I talk and write and dream about that place so much that you'd think it was almost a mythical place. It's not. There is a lot of tension there between the wealthy and the poor, whether visible or not. There are chemistry teachers making meth. There is the lack of, you know, trees or whatever. But the sky! The openness. The dreams of Georgia and D.H. and green chilies. If nothing else, I should make it a goal to visit New Mexico (for the first time, mind you) this year.

I am currently reading Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon. Soooo good. That's all I'll write for my "review" -- that it is soooo good. Just trust me on this one! I had never read her before for whatever reason, but... better late than never. The bitch can write.

I have been almost euphoric all day long and then just barely I had a strange mood swing where I got upset by a simple question and slammed the door. Meeee-ghan. Meghan! Come on. I wonder if it was just hunger. You know, feelin' "hangry." Still, that's not an excuse for my attitude. Other than that, I've been a real peach today! I much prefer being a peach than being a pain. Note to self.

That being said, I might go make some peach tea right now. No, not peach tea. That has caffeine. No caffeine anymore. How about that kava "stress relief" tea I have in the cupboard? I think it works. Hey, if it helps me to relax, I'll drink it, even if it smells like a wet dog. And yes, I should get something to eat as well. Can't just kava kava my life away. (If I could, I would. That sounds hella chill, bro.)

Peace, peaches. Practice kindness tonight, to yourself and others. Oh, and, uh... Touchdown! Go sports! Super Bowl! A bowl of Grape Nuts sounds so good right now. I mean, a bowl of nachos and beer!!! Yeah! Team!

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