Thursday, February 11, 2016


If I put as much energy into writing poetry as I do in running and going on walks and speed reading books and writing throwaway blog posts and checking Twitter and chewing on ice, I'd definitely be a damn Mark Strand by now. I mean, not a dead Mark Strand. Mark Strand when he was alive.

So, note to self: Don't forget about poetry! Don't abandon it quite yet. Not again. Another note to the same self: Read poetry. We know you already know how to read and that you like it almost too much, so now your assignment is to read and absorb every poem you can find. Dissect it, sometimes. Don't dissect it, often. Love it, hopefully. Hate it, hopefully. Hopefully whatever you do you will just feel things, these "things" being emotions. Remember how you cried in your bedroom and whispered "wow" after reading that one poem by that one French poet you've already forgotten? That was good. Aim for that.

But yeah, I had another banana today (see previous post, people!) before running and NOT AN OUNCE OF CAFFEINE and I was, like, a roadrunner. Ugh. Roadrunners remind me of New Mexico. Quick Google search tells me that New Mexico does indeed have roadrunners and that they are SURPRISE SURPRISE the state bird. Somehow I take this as a sign. Probably because I am delusional and look for/see signs in all things.

The fog has lifted. Now the smog is left, leaving me with more junk in my nose and throat than usual. Junk in my throat. I'm so sorry I typed that. No deleting it now, though. Sort of related in a few ways, but do you ever wish you were Catholic just so you could go to confessional? I would make up so many lies in that booth. And I would speak in a heavy cockney accent. But mostly I just wish I could be a priest so that I could listen to everyone's disturbing and totally wacky sins. We are all so disturbing and all so totally wacky and definitely so sinful. "So sinful!" she said cautiously as she bit into a red velvet cake pop.

SHOWER. Must must must shower now. And chug 7,000 ounces of coffee. One of these is a joke, you decide which one. And while you're at it, tell me all of your sins. <3

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