Sunday, February 7, 2016


Kids, you don't need to do drugs. Well, kind of. But none of the hard stuff. All you need is a cheap ass bottle of generic sleeping pills from Big Lots. Take one right before bed and be prepared for some weird-as-shit worlds to reveal themselves to you.

My dreams last night did not, sadly, include Woody Harrelson. But they did include rare and intricately designed moths the size of my face. Terrifying, to be honest. Beautiful, yes, but terrifying. Rachel Maddow made an appearance in my hallucination/dream. Ms. Maddow is always welcome in my dreams. Now the real challenge is how do I get Woody and Rachel to appear together? That might take brand name sleeping pills, which means I'll first have to find a job to support my habit.

Job. Jobs. Please don't make me have two jobs again. That was a real bummer. But I was lucky to even have a job. And I realize so many people have to work at least two jobs just to scrape by. Yes, I was also just scraping by, but I did not have any other mouths to feed or enormous debts to pay off. I had it alright, I guess. But I guess "alright" wasn't cutting it.

I should start thinking about where exactly I want to work. Do I want it to be long-term? Or am I going to be moving again in the near future? Can someone just hire me to walk around outside and look at plants and the sky? I guess I sort of had that job at the can't-mention-their-name-because-I-might-get-into-trouble-even-though-I-no-longer-work-for-them-and-am-not-even-saying-anything-negative-about-them school. I got to play with kids for half an hour outside. That was pretty sweet. And good heavens it paid well. Sigh. But it's okay. Nothing about the move was black and white. The gray areas are always the hardest to examine.

Okay, one not-so-great thing about those generic dream pills is that it makes you all kinds of groggy the next morning. I guess groggy can be a blessing sometimes. It sands down the sharp corners of the mind, allowing oneself to be too tired to care.

I'll end this with some Rachel photos because, well, I am too tired to care about writing anything more at the moment.

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