Tuesday, February 9, 2016


I wonder if ice cubes go straight to the brain. Anytime I chew on them (ice cubes, not brains), I feel like I can't think. For about twenty minutes. And then when things thaw out, I'm back to theoretical problem-solving or whatever. Anyway. I'm chewing on ice right now (normal at 10:06 in the morning), so I'm just offering a heads up if things get confusing.

Speaking of confusing, I had a dream about swimming with Kanye last night. First of all, I can't swim. Second, why were we swimming in an unheated outdoor pool in the middle of winter? It might be beneficial to start interpreting my dreams, but I have no interest in anything these days except for reading dusty novels and thawing out frozen brains.

That's not true. I have more than two interests. For example, I'm interested in New Mexico. Again. In fact, I'm making it a goal to visit New Mexico this year. AND I REALLY THINK IT MIGHT HAPPEN. I also desperately want to visit Laura. It would be convenient if she lived in Taos, but it's cool. Maybe one day. Maybe one day she and I will live on a ranch out in Taos where we will paint and write and eat chilies and talk with ghosts as the sun sets. I can dream! I can! I can dream of things other than getting hypothermia while swimming with Kanye!

Did I tell you I read all of Sherman Alexie's The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven yesterday? Remarkable book. Alexie is such a poetic writer. I learned a lot from reading him, actually. He made me think that MAYBE I could go forward with this whole novel writing thing. Thing. I should expand my vocabulary if I am to be a serious novelist. Me, serious? Get serious. Get real. Get in the pool with your dreams. Swim until they come true. Sink into success. Don't make sense. Don't chew on ice cubes, just chilies. The chilies will wake up my brain. Fingers crossed.

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