Wednesday, February 17, 2016


My first inclination was to begin writing about the weather. But we are not mere acquaintances, are we? No need for small talk. But seriously, THIS WEATHER!!! I know the unseasonably warm days are probably not a great sign. They never are. But who am I to take bad signs seriously? I ignore the uncomfortable and live in my blissful world where climate change isn't a thing and 63 degree days last for an eternity. Like all grand things, however, the discomfort finds its way in through the cracks. After a few hours of extremely nice weather, I begin to wish that it would rain and storm and that everyone would go inside and leave me to my books and dramatic wanderings with my dependable umbrella. Sunshine almost makes me manic. Sunshine makes me want to write 1,000 page manifestos. Sunshine makes me crave and cling. BUT I STILL LOVE IT SO MUCH DON'T GET ME WRONG. Get me right. And get me a banana.

I know you don't care, but did you know that I don't really love bananas as much as you might think that I do? Not to assume that you think about my fondness for bananas that often. It's not my favorite fruit, not by a long shot. I am still slightly undecided about which fruit is my favorite, but I can tell you it ain't the banana. I do like, however, the convenience of bananas. And they are consistently low in cost! My my. Oh, and if you spread sunbutter on a rice cake, top it with bananas, and then dip it in milk -- IT'S VERY DELICIOUS. So yeah, bananas are acceptable. Just don't think of me as Miss Chiquita. (Miss Chiquita's real name is Carmen Miranda. She was once invited to sing and dance for Franklin Roosevelt. She was the original Brazilian Bombshell!!! She sounds a lot like me.)

Do any of you struggle with thinking in the morning? I don't even mean thinking clearly, I just mean thinking period. My head is fuzzier than a kiwi before noon. A kiwi! Not my favorite fruit, by the way, but still tasty. I guess it's because my brain is still waking up? It must desperately want to remain asleep, wrapped up in dreams of me attending beauty school. <--- That was my dream last night! And it was depressing. Not because I was in beauty school (well, kind of), but because my classmates were all of the cheerleaders from my high school and because I got in trouble from the teachers for my tweets. Anyway, tired brain. Tired brain just wants sunshine, bananas, and uninterrupted hours of an altered consciousness. I never quite know how to end posts. I don't think it matters too much. I think I'll just abruptly end them from now on and include some somewhat amusing photos. (Let it be known that I just spilled my tea all over the table and began crying! Happy Wednesday!)

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