Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I sat down to write, but here I am, empty of all words. Not true! I have a lot of words left in me, but they are just lost, wandering around the dark caves of my bones and long alleyways of my legs. They'll find their way out eventually. How exactly? Not sure I want to know.

I think I think too much about words. I know I think too much about words. I am bored with talking about how I think I think too much. Instead, I think I will talk about the minute, boring parts of my day. Not today specifically, but all days. All days blend into one long ass day when you are unemployed. Imagine having a long ass. There are people out there who, I'm sure, have what can only be described as a long ass. Long may they live.

I wake up at 8:30 in the morning at the latest. Even if I go to bed late, I make myself wake up at 8:30. I do the usual -- pee, put on clothes (THIS girl sleeps naked!!!), groan because I am still so so so tired. I then walk for about an hour (okay, one hour and one minute -- I time myself) while reading. I usually have ear plugs in. I chew on ice cubes. The one hour and one minute are up! Now I put in my eyeballs/contacts, put on red lipstick even though no one will see me except for my mother, maybe make tea, maybe try to write, definitely mumble and grumble because I am still so so so tired. Lately I have been going on a run in the morning, which makes zero sense because of how exhausted I am. Then again, running helps to wake me up, both physically and mentally. I come home, shower, braid my hair, sit outside in the sun, go on a walk, read, read, read, maybe work up the courage to go to the grocery store (but only if I am extremely desperate), read, write in my journal outside, go on a walk, go to the library if I feel like I can put up with a bunch of idiots (I'm so sweet), walk, talk to my dad on the phone, read, set the timer for some very important television programs (always Dateline or 20/20 or 48 Hours and then my Rachel Maddow mwah mwah), sit on my window seat, drink tea, chew on ice cubes, visit with my mom while I restlessly cut up vegetables and/or make Jello and/or boil eggs and/or make pumpkin bread. Get on Tumblr. Read. Walk. Get on Tumblr again. And finally -- FINALLY -- eat dinner. And watch my very important television programs. And then eventually, somewhere down the road, get into bed and watch ONE episode of some random anime series. Sometimes. Other times I just browse the Internet for stuffed animals and abandoned places. Then I fall into an interrupted sleep and do it all over again in 6 hours.

OMG, why'd I write all of that? I like using "OMG" sometimes. I have never used LOL seriously. I don't know why not. I think it's kind of stupid, that's why. I cannot answer why I am okay with OMG, though. There are no answers to some of life's most troubling questions. Life apostrophe s? Yes? Answer!

So tired. OMG. OMG, so tired. Will try getting at least 6 hours and 1 minute of sleep tonight. Minute by minute I'll become the world's best sleeper. Mark my words, but don't hold me to them. You get what I mean. <3

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