Monday, April 27, 2015


May I use that "Blogger? But I hardly know her!" joke again? Because that joke is what some might call "gold." I like to write in the morning, but I don't know what to write lately. I still feel compelled to write. So I pump out these posts and don't say too much... Quantity over quality? I don't think that's what I'm going for, although it sure seems like it.

I feel more centered and naturally focused these days, which is (insert thumbs up emoticon). After quitting a certain stimulant and starting to, you know, eat food, I find that the world outside is pretty again. And I am slowly becoming "creative" again, whatever that might mean. I think it means that I am okay with a mess. In fact, it's in the messiness where I draw inspiration. I am drinking in a lot of water after dying of thirst and my cells are rejoicing. They are dumbfounded by their sudden luck, but they are grateful.

Where do I channel this clarity and creativity? I know there are worse things in life than to be interested in too many things, so I vow to not complain about this "dilemma." But it's high time to choose a path. I am going to be okay if that path leads to a dead end; I just want to start walking.

I am flirting with the following paths:

Work seasonally for national/state parks in Oregon.

Go WWOOFing. (Go look it up if you are horribly confused by what the hell "WWOOFing" is.)

Get my TESOL certificate so I can teach some foreign whippersnappers English (especially English swear words! HELL DAMN CRAP!)

Ideally join the PEACE CORPS, but I don't think I am qualified enough. So join some kind of corps doing some kind of humanitarian work.

Become PREZ.

Any ideas? Suggestions? Thoughts, concerns, recipes, knock-knock jokes, wisdom to impart? I truly will reply if you leave a comment. But I probably won't reply if you send smoke signals ONLY because I'm all out of matches. Plus, if I start a forest fire I probably won't get that job in an Oregon park.

Okay! Time for breakfast! Time to go toast my muffin WINK WINK. Have a day full of compassionate actions and sexy surprises. Mwah mwah!

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