Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Mother Nature is a damn tease. I wonder if I am a damn tease as well. Am I Mother Nature? Speaking of Mother Nature, my mother and nature are two of my most most most favorite things. What other people, places, and things do I categorize under "Meghan's Favorites"? Well, let's find out together. (I know myself as well as you do, which is either a lot or very little depending on who you are and how I feel and now I've just confused myself and what is new? No, really -- what is new? Everything and everyone seems so old today. Ancient, even. We are prehistoric creatures trapped in amber. Fossilize my heart, you heartbreaker. <--- Those would make for some really crappy lyrics for some really crappy song! But the song might not be so crappy if the beat is just right. I don't know what "beats" are, to be frank with you heartbreakers. I know who the Beats were and I like to eat beets, but musical beats? You got me beat.)

Meghan's Favorite Things: A look back, a look forward, a look into a black hole where light cannot escape.

*REI, I guess. I just say this because I've been looking at REI.com for the past half hour while I was supposed to be writing about my favorite things. I do like REI, though, for a store. I wish I was slightly more privileged white chick, however, so I could comfortably shop there without emptying my checking account. Still, I'm totally gonna buy some TEVAS tonight. TEVA! TEVA! TEA!

*Tea. I really love tea. But apparently tea ain't so grand for iron absorption, which is a damn shame. So I have to make a Sophie's choice -- give up tea or give up anemia?

*Dinner. I am a huge, huge fan of dinner. Some say I am even the number one fan. I wouldn't dare disagree with them. BECAUSE IT IS TRUE AND WHY WOULD I DISAGREE WITH THE TRUTH.

*Lunch. I am also a huge fan of lunch, but I am in no way a huge fan of having to hurry and eat my turkey jerky and jerky banana in my jerky car during my non-existent break. (If it doesn't existent, then how can I take it? I take it very well, thank you very much. Create your own breaks!)

*Breakfast. Man, I am even a bigger fan of breakfast. The biggest! Don't even get me started on brunch... Okay, never mind! Go ahead and get me started! I LOOOOOVE BRUUUUUNCH!!! I love it more than Sophie loves making her choice. I love egg dishes with coffee (also terrible for iron absorption!) and friends and conversation and laaaazy mornings. Not too lazy, though. Well, lazy in the "right" ways. Like, reading the paper and perusing used bookstores and takin' a fuggin' walk with a heartbreakingly huge dog through a fuggin' park while the sun tans my ass. Oh, did I fail to mention this is a nude park? Well, it is. And I am as nude as they come!

All of this food talk is making me too hungry to go on with this list of favorite things. Lucky you! And lucky me because that means I get to go eat soon. Let's recap: I love an outdoor retail store, chemicals that prevent my body from absorbing iron, and food. FOOD FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD.

Go feast. Now. That's an order. And use your hands, get messy. Lick those tricky fingers of yours, one by one.

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