Monday, February 23, 2015


I do not use this phrase often, but there's a third time for everything: It is windier than a "mofo" outside right now. The wind is not a good thing! Although it is in some cases. It provides us with sustainable energy and can also, uh, sail sailors along in their sail boats. But it is also miserably cold. Anyway, this post shall not be about the wind or about sailing or even about mofos. No, this post will be another good things post. Good things. Needed as much as coffee on a blustery Monday morning. Here I go.

Good things!!!

*Tea. Herbal tea. I lied about needing coffee. I have to limit my intake of stimulants, but I am a sinner and I enjoy my hot beverages. Herbal tea has been a recent constant in my life. And if there's one thing I need it is consistency! Which is why I took a stool softener this morning. Hey! I'm just bein' so real with you mofos!

*East of Eden. Like, I cannot get over how much of a good thing this book has been. And continues to be. And I will stop gushing over it eventually. But not yet. In fact, I want to be reading it right this second. Why am I not? Because...

*Because I consider this blog to be another good thing. I don't like the word blog, though, but that doesn't matter. That's what it is. But it is also a release. Writing down my roller coaster emotions and monkey mind thoughts has been the equivalent of running through the snow naked and then jumping into a hot tub. Hold on. Let me figure out what I mean by this. Hmmm. I guess I just mean that through my words I have become braver. And sometimes I can't breathe when I'm in the process of sharing all of the gems and junk that I share with you lovely mofos, but I do it anyway. Thankfully I am often rewarded with a hot tub time machine at the end of this exposed process.

*Hats. Hats are just marvelous creations. Know who invented the top hat? A fine fellow, now dead and a ghost, named George Dunnage. British dude. The real kicker here is that another dude, now dead and also a ghost, named John Hetherington is often credited as the top hat inventor. The bastard! The probably-impeccably-dressed bastard! Wait a second... How did I get sidetracked into giving you the history of top hats? It's probably old news to you anyway. You are all such breathtaking geniuses. Marry me!

*I want two adopted children. Females. From Asia. And I will name one Grace and one Molly. We will have cats and a gentle dog and live in Colorado where we will work on a pot farm. But actually we'll be living in San Francisco with soccer games and carousel rides on Saturday. And I promise to feed the whole damn family well with biweekly purchases from farmers' markets. For Halloween (which we will celebrate at least six times a year) Grace and Molly will don top hats and go around the gentrified neighborhood as George Dunnage and John Hetherington. And all of these things are good things. Good, good, wonderfully dreamy things.

Well, shit. Time for work. But hey! No! No bad attitude, Meg! Work has become kind of a good thing, remember? The kids! The kids really are cool. Not even fine silk top hats could make those little mofos cooler. Now bundle up and stay warm, Meggie Dear. You've got two future Asian babies waiting for you. They want you to be safe and happy.

May you also be safe and happy and warm and full of good things! Love you.

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