Monday, February 23, 2015


On my mind tonight:

It's so crazy that we are able to experience the Big Bang pretty much anytime we want. And apparently electricity does not travel at the speed of light, but whatever. Close enough. Isn't that crazy as well? Wacky, mind-blowing things are constantly happening around and to us on a daily basis and we hardly realize it. Or we realize it, but don't think about it. The earth! It's spinning! Right now!

Maybe my enthusiasm is too much tonight. All day I have been chipper little Meg, pleasant and lighthearted and kind... Well, aside from the time at the gym when the Ken doll lookalike kept coughing. I regrettably glared at him a few times. Like, what the hell, chipper little Meg?! The Ken doll is a human and sometimes humans need to cough! It is a natural protective reflex! Calm down! So aside from my brief moment of assholery this afternoon, I have been feeling like quite the queen of good vibes. There's hardly any reason for me to feel this way, which makes me think yet again that yeah, I probably am bipolar. Saturday I was a monster! Yesterday I would have given my left non-existent testicle for just a smidgen of serotonin! And today -- a MONDAY of all days -- I am peachy! Total roller coaster. A roller coaster with one too many loops and broken lap bars -- that's me!

Oh yeah. What's on my mind... Okay, so science and mental illness are on my mind. And so is Africa! I kind of want to move to Swaziland. Look, it's too long of a story to go into, but let's just say I could rent a decent home with an acre or so of land for a mere $375 in Mbabane, Swaziland. Like, why wouldn't I do that? Give me 47 good reasons why I wouldn't do that and then I won't do it.

Fooooood! Food is always, forever and ever, on my mind -- yet oddly enough never in my mouth or stomach. I should change that. I don't usually crave sweets, but today I had a sudden craving for cereal. Sugary cereal from my childhood. I am thinking specifically of Fruity Pebbles. I doubt it's the actual taste of the processed crisp rice bits that I crave, but the memory attached to it. I remember eating bowl after bowl of the stuff on Friday nights with my BFF while Watching TGIF and playing Barbies. Slumber parties in grade school, man. The best the best the best.

I hit a wall! I have been sitting down too long. The thoughts in my brain are no longer traveling at the speed of light, thank goodness. Time for me to get up and do something productive, like walk around the living room and check my Instagram feed! This is seriously what I am going to go do right now! Wish me luck!

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