Monday, February 9, 2015


Hey! I did it! I survived Monday! Well, the daytime part of Monday. We still have nighttime to tackle, folks. But luckily nighttime means I am at home with tea and Tumblr and TV. It's all we need for a happy existence. That and cold medicine.

In my last post I believe I came across as being a bit... Nervous. I had everything going against me -- aches and pains and a severely congested nose. I was concerned that I was going to be a crabapple all day, but instead I was quite the peach. Yes, Peachy Wiems! Spreading sunshine and sweet, sweet nectar wherever I go. I was so stress-free today that I began stressing out about how stress-free I was. Shouldn't something bother me? Shouldn't some stranger do something perfectly harmless but annoying and set me off in a fit of anger? Shouldn't I moan and complain and whine about the slightest inconvenience? And yet, thing were okay. I was okay. Obnoxious strangers and circumstances were okay. WHAT'S THE DEAL?!

The deal is cold medicine. Right? The cocktail of cold medicine, the cold itself, and being exhausted have created this chilled out, fuzzy peach attitude which I wear remarkably well. Chilled out flatters my figure and peach brightens my complexion. May I always be severely congested and sleep deprived! May I go through life in a semi-delirious state! May we all sit around on cushions drinking tea and hugging each other with our minds. No, let's touch. Real hugs. Let's keep spreading the germs so we have a legitimate excuse to take shots of cough syrup. Yeah. I feel groovy.

Other reasons why I might feel groovy:

*LESS CAFFEINE. Way less caffeine today. I am giving myself a pat on my frail back for abstaining from my number one (or maybe number three?) drug.

*San Francisco! Not that I'm actually IN San Francisco, because that would be too perfect and unreal, but I have simply been reminiscing. And watching shows featuring the city which stole my heart, such as The Layover with Anthony Bourdain. Oh, Tony. Dreamy sweetheart crabapple Tony. I'd like to take a bite out of his medium raw sausage, if you know what I mean. And if you do know what I mean, I'm proud of your pervy ways. You are a keeper! I only keep pervy friends around.

*Talks with my BFF, who happens to be my mama. Living alone with my mother has provided me with such a priceless experience that I will forever and ever treasure. I love talking with her in the evening while we drink tea and eat ice cream. It is so comforting and so cozy and it's no wonder I never want to go out to, like, bars or indie concert venues or wherever humans my age go to after 5pm. Where do thirtysomethings go? Bars, right? And maybe Chili's? Movie theaters and dimly lit cafes? Hmmm. I'm still sticking with my living room and tea and mother.

*THE SUN. I know there should be -- NEEDS to be -- snow, but I can't help but be mentally boosted by the abundance of vitamin D we've been having these past few days. I'll take it because my bones need it. And my brain. And probably those damn aching joints. It has given me spring fever!!! Then again, maybe I just have an actual fever. If I do, does that mean I have another excuse to pound shots of NyQuil? I'll take it.

I'll also take this good mood and run with it. But I won't become attached. I am going to appreciate it while it lasts and know that it could go away in an instant. Like, if I spill pickle juice all over the counter again like I did the other night, I might lose my shit. But even if that unfortunate incident repeats itself, I will take comfort in the fact that there's sunshine and shots of syrup on the horizon. There always has been and there always will be. Along with my aches, I also have faith.

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