Friday, February 20, 2015


Hi baby dolls! Today was a good day! Weird! I didn't even have time to go on my long ass walk today, yet I am still in a happy mood. HOW is this possible? How how how? I am thinking it has to do with a few things. And here are those few things: It's Friday and Boy Meets World is on tonight. Kidding. I mean, it IS Friday and I'm sure Cory Matthews and the gang are on some channel somewhere this evening, but... But this joke isn't going anywhere. Scratch it. Okay, so we've established it's Friday and that I find this fact to be a contributing factor to my positive mood. Fact, factor, factory, factorium, fracking. God, fracking is such bad news. But this isn't about bad news! Focus, Meg, focus.

I made myself have a better attitude today when I went into work. I literally told myself out loud to find one great quality in each kid I interact with today. And I just forced myself to smile a lot and do lame things like give thumbs up and high fives. Eventually I didn't have to force it anymore and I was just smiling on my own WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING IT. I think I prefer Smiling Meg to Scowling Meg.

I also got to interact with my cute cute cute favorite favorite favorite 5th grader a lot today. More than usual! We chatted like BFFs do -- discussing our favorite drink at Starbucks, promising to email each other over the weekend, talking about all of the foods you can find that come in a spray can -- you know, just the typical CHAT FEST. Chat fest? I suddenly got so so so tired. Chat fest. Gab fest? She made my day. Again.

Let's see... Oh! Banana! I actually ate lunch today! It was just a banana and some nuts and a tiny bit of turkey jerky, but goshdammit, it was something. I kept myself busy after eating so that I wouldn't begin to overthink things and become panicky. And it worked. I couldn't help but notice that the food improved my mood. Like, duh, Meg. I wasn't as grouchy as I normally am in the afternoons. I also didn't feel like I was going to pass out, so that's a huge plus. Yeah, bananas, man. That shit is magic.

Welp, time for me to boil some eggs. Yes, baby dolls, I choose to spend my Friday nights alone boiling eggs. Hell, I may even sweep the floor! I'm fuckin' Cinderella over here. But I don't want no dumbass glass slipper, you got it? Bring me bananas and burritos instead. Bring me a feast! And bring it all in aerosol spray cans.

TGIF forever.

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