Friday, February 13, 2015


Wait, what? I just noticed I titled two consecutive posts "restore." Hilarious! April Fools! My bad! I am bad! I stink! No. Nope, I don't stink. I mean, unless you are talking about literally stinking, then yes, I do. Hey, I just got back from the gym, okay? Give a horrible smelling girl a break.

Speaking of gyms and speaking of breaks, I am wondering if I should take a break from the gym before I break and/or change my name to Jim. I doubt that I will, though. It has become such a major part of my daily routine. And it does give me those endogenous opioid inhibitory neuropeptides my brain craves. There are many benefits to exercise and blah blah blah, so I won't stop. But I should consider cutting back. Moderation, Meg. At least -- AT LEAST -- I am eating before I run. Running on empty, which is what I did for at least two months, was daaaaangerous. Everybody! Say it with me! Dangerous! Dangerous! Look, being dangerous might be cool, but I don't care so much about being cool anymore. I kinda sorta wanna stay alive, you know?

Plus food is rad. It totally is and I don't know why or how I keep forgetting this undeniable fact. I need a reminder. A constant reminder. I need to constantly remind myself (and have others remind me as well - you are welcome to remind me whenever!) how freakishly fabulous food is. "Freakishly fabulous." Sigh. My writing has taken a nosedive. But whatever. Back to food.

So! Food! Yeah! I wonder if I can maintain this enthusiasm. Probably not. My excitement will come and go, like most things, but at least it will come back. I hope. How can I regain this eagerness when I feel discouraged? Tumblr. No, seriously. I believe TONIGHT I will create a Tumblr page dedicated to freakishly fabulous food pictures and recipes. And naked women eating hot dogs. Hey! If you have ever been on Tumblr for even three seconds then you know what I'm talking about! And I'm joking! I don't need to repost photos of naked hot dog eating, unless they are tasteful.

And maybe I should start cooking again? Once I find the energy to get ingredients together and follow directions. And maybe, juuuust maybe, I should start dating Anthony Bourdain. Look, I know he's married to a kickass fighter chick, but I'm just going to assume they are in an open relationship. Anyway, I remember an episode of No Reservations where Tony was staying at the Chateau Marmont in LA. He woke up in the morning and cooked himself some simple, sexy scrambled eggs and sat out on the veranda with his shades on, reading the paper, drinking his black coffee (probably with whiskey), and eating the sexiest eggs ever. And he won my heart. And I knew that he and I were destined to date for at least a day. During that magical day, Tony will awaken many things in me, including my taste buds. And he will be eating hot dogs naked. WELL! Why not?! Point is, maybe I should start dating someone who will cook for me.

I hope these posts aren't too much. It has actually been fairly helpful for me to write them and to be as open as possible. Vulnerability looks good on me! So does Tony!

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