Friday, February 20, 2015


Ahhhh, it feels so good to write in you. Oh, that sounded unintentionally sexy and confusing! Most sexy things are confusing, in my opinion. Meg: I've got opinions!

I am going to write about good things this morning, things that make me happy and give me hope. I think I need a little bit of happiness and hopefulness with my morning tea and morning tray of ice. So here we go. And by "we" I mean "I." I am writing this alone, but you are always welcome to imagine you are writing this with me. Why would you imagine that, though? There are about 27 billion more interesting things to imagine than that. C'mon. Just use your imagination, don't let it use you.

Good things.

The 5th graders at my school are really the bee's knees. Even the awful ones. The awful ones are usually awful because their parents are awful. And their parents are awful because their parents were awful and so on and so on until we get down to Adam and Eve. Am I here to break the news to you that Adam and Eve were awful? Nope. Not today. Today I am bring you good things, good news, the gospel of Meg.

Oh right, 5th graders. Well, there is one li'l lady in particular whom I adore with my whole soul. I sometimes wonder if she even exists. She reminds me a lot of myself at that age, although I was about 27 billion times shier than she is. And I never had red hair and braces and freckles and a neon green fleece hoodie that I wear every single day. She sneaks away from her desk to talk to me, to tell me absolutely every detail about her day, to bring me the most heartwarming notes man could ever imagine (see! imagine things like that!), and, of course, to give me hugs. I don't get the chance to interact with her for too long, sometimes not at all, but the minutes that I do I cherish and it sustains me for the rest of my day. She has no idea! She has no idea how much this 30-year-old weirdo wants to be her BFF.

I finished reading the Trappist monk's autobiography this morning and promptly started East of Eden. Well, not promptly. I gave A Tale of Two Cities another try, but after ten minutes it was not the best of times or the worst of times, it was just time to put it aside yet again and begin something more modern and Steinbeck-y. Like Steinbeck! And so although I'm only 21 pages into this tome, I'm in it for the long haul. It has not at all disappointed me thus far and I highly doubt that it will. I suspect it will cause me to weep here and there and it will also cause all future posts to have a somewhat earthy style. Like, I'll be talking about the Salinas Valley a lot for the next few weeks, people. Anyway, almost nothing excites me more than entering into the world found within the pages of a book. 'Tis true. I image heaven to be some sort of read-a-thon with snacks (and absolutely no guilt about devouring said snacks) and blanket forts and 11-year-old BFFs.

Okay, time for one more good things. Let's see... Uh... Now my mind is beginning to fill with all sorts of little and large horrors, like climate change and anemia and lunchtime and nuclear war. Dammit! I will say that the support I have gotten from people amazes me. Close friends, family, and then online acquaintances whom I have never and may never meet in real life have been so generous in offering their well wishes, sympathy, and encouragement. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you.

Blessed day. I will make it a good one. There are at least 27 billion good things to be found at any given moment; sometimes it just takes a little bit of imagination.

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