Thursday, March 10, 2016


Make America Gravy Again! He Who Must Not Be Named should seriously consider changing his campaign slogan. Take it from me, your future mayor. If you didn't know already, I have this ongoing joke on Twitter that I am going to run for and become the mayor. But the REAL joke is is that it is not a joke. It is a fact. 2020 is right around the corner, folks. (Is 2020 the next election? When are mayors elected? Every year? Goodness. How would I know? I'm not from America. I am Danish through-and-through. Jeg laver bare sjov.)

I did not write a post yesterday because I was too busy mentally preparing for and actually going to the grocery store. The grocery store: Land of a thousand triggers. But I did it! Not only did I survive, but I kinda sorta had a good time? Of course, it would have been a better time if I had been wealthy enough to have the entire store closed while I shopped with my personal chef and toy poodle, but that wasn't how it happened. It happened to be quite crowded. But I happened to be determined to not let the small annoyances, well, annoy me. It also helped me to remember how lucky I am to have the ability to purchase my own food -- and plenty of it. I am a warrior!

So if you weren't aware of it by now, this is my blog and this fact gives me the right to brag. Brag blog. Blog brag. Brad brags about his blog to Bob Law Blog. Brag: I did well today running! I did way good, dudes. Or at least better than I have in awhile. But what really tickles my proud fancy is that I didn't push myself. That pesky voice inside of me said, "Heeey... You can probably run one more mile. Or how about two? You're doing so well... Plus, think of the calories you'll be burning..." I told it to shut up and I stopped. I stopped when it felt good to stop, not when I felt lightheaded and irritable. I am making progress -- and later I'll be making one hell of a steak, a steak which I purchased at Sharper Image a decade ago. <--- That was a topical joke. You are so very welcome.

But really, I'll be making one hell of a salad later. And you know I'll take a photo of it and post it tomorrow. Damn, you jokers are lucky.

I could keep writing. I really could. And if that pesky voice tells me to keep writing one or how about two more posts, I will listen to it this time. Except for right now. Because it's nice outside. And apparently being outside will always take precedence over writing. This is just a fact! I can't help it! I'm an outsider more than I'm a writer. My my, there's a lot of truth to that statement.

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