Sunday, March 20, 2016


SUNDAY!!! The best day that God (who was a black woman) ever created!!! Yesterday: No energy. Struggling to remain balanced, calm, present. Today: HELLLLOOOOO, WORLD!!! I might be appointed the next Dalai Lama today! I feel incredible! Help! The pattern seems to be I'm a zombie one day, I'm a cracked out Dalai the next. Is this indicative of Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder? It may be, it may be. But I'll take it! I'm kidding. I shouldn't joke about a serious disorder. I also do not want to just assume I am bipolar based on a few on/off days. That seems like the wrong thing to do. And these days I'm all about doing the right thing -- and maybe renting Do the Right Thing from the library and finally watching it? Afterwards I'll write an essay about being black in America and email it to John Goshert. <--- That last sentence may not make sense to a large majority of my small audience.

Please please please make me sit or even LIE down in a hammock today, okay? I suspect this wealth of mysterious energy will cause me to walk around neighborhoods and streets and parks for literally hours and hours. Nothing wrong with walking, but there comes a point when I just have to tell myself, "Yo, chill out, girl! Sit! Lie! But don't LIE lie. Tell the truth and tell it in a hammock." Whether I walk like a maniac or chill like a maniac, remind me to wear sunscreen. I never do and that is definitely not doing the right thing.

Has this post so far been a bit worrisome? I reread brief parts of it and realize that yeah, I sure do sound a tad enthusiastic. Maybe too enthusiastic for some people, but not for me, especially after feeling like a sloth for the past several months. Sloths. Are. Cute. Do not let my mother tell you otherwise! They are not creepy! They are too slow to be creepy. I think fast, erratic things are scary, like jumping insects and my mind right now.

A large part of me wants to continue to type away about the most insignificant things, like almond butter and organic jam sandwiches or Kim Kardashian's French braids, but I will refrain from doing so. I will drink water. I will pause and take two deep breaths. I will take vitamins. I will call the Dalai Lama back because apparently he has some big news for me??? I will keep you posted. I will always adore you from afar.

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