Monday, March 14, 2016


I did not start this post with "make America gravy again" and for that I am gravy-ful. Get it? Like grateful, but with gravy instead of grate and have you ever accidentally spelled it "greatful" and then felt stoopid? Seriously.

Today! Will! Be! A! Good! Day! Or it will just be whatever it is! It has taken me centuries to realize this, but by labeling a day (or a person or a place or a brand of gravy) "good" or "bad," especially at the very beginning is nuthin' but a set up for disappointment -- even if whatever/whomever it is ends up being something/someone positive. First of all, it's too simplistic. Too black and white. There are shades throughout the day and within a person. Second, we are sponges. We will absorb, whether consciously or not, what we are told and what we tell ourselves. It doesn't matter if the words are truth or completely fiction! They stick.

So how about we try together to pause momentarily before being swept away by the fanciful storyline in our mind? Because I can guarantee you that this storyline leads to an ending that is nothing but anxieties and assumptions. And besides, the butler did it. (Silly joke, will edit out in the future.) (Except the future doesn't exist.) (Ahhh. See what I did there?)

All of this ooey gooey wooey live in the present babble is brought to you by two consecutive days meditating. Just in the morning. Like, not all day. Forty-eight hours of meditation! I'd rather jump off a cliff into a river infested with piranhas and ex-boyfriends! Geez. But in all reality (whether all of reality is all real or not), I have this sinking and rising suspicion that my future (which, sigh, is fictional) will be spent in a Buddhist temple and/or cave meditating while occasionally being smacked with a bamboo stick. I better either learn how to swim with the piranhas or start reciting mantras. Why not both?

Oh man, back to what I was saying a million years ago. Today! I've got a good feeling about today, but I will also be totes chill with whatever may happen. Or at least I'll try. I believe the rain is playing a significant part in these groovy vibes. Yes, I am a sun worshiper, but I am also a gal who digs the rain. I mean, c'mon! I like cats, books, coffee, Portland, and over-sized flannel shirts. Of course I dig the rain.

Go out and enjoy the rain! Get wet! And get your mind out of the gutter. OR get it into the gutter and splash around for awhile. You are also welcome to stay inside and read or watch Miyazaki films or meditate with a pineapple on your head or eat a whole pineapple in a seductive manner or HELL DO ALL OF THE ABOVE. I am proud of you. I am proud of me. I am proud of everyone except for the million dimwits who want to make America gravy again. No thanks, bozos.

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