Thursday, March 24, 2016


Dear Diary (that's what you've become) (nothing wrong with that) (but if you came here looking for quirky videos of me dancing inappropriately while demonstrating how to frost sugar cookies for Easter, you might be disappointed) (but if you came here looking for run-on sentences and parenthetical statements that clutter up the screen, look no further!), I survived the full moon. Barely.

Did anyone else experience weird vibes yesterday during that particular lunar phase? This girl sure did. This girl sure as hell did. I googled "does the full moon make you crazy" and read a few "scientific" articles that claimed there is nothing to the loopiness associated with full moons. That it is an old wives' tale. Pish posh. I disagree (except I probably agree a little because, you know, science rules). I believe we only know a small fraction of what goes on in the universe. Of course. I don't know who would disagree with that. But the disagreement comes when people can't see things with their eyes. If it can't be seen, it doesn't exist, right? Oh oh oh, but wait. There is more than one way to see things.

Okay, so the moon made us feel weird. Weird isn't always bad. In fact, I prefer weird in most cases UNLESS that weird feeling makes you do weird things like punch your pillow and cry in the fetal position and walk out into the street at night barefoot. Mom, don't worry!!! I feel much more... Centered today. I mean, mostly. I mean, it's still too early to tell. I mean, whatever. Roll with it.

I would like to know more about the night sky, both in the astrological and astronomical sense. Gemini! Orion! Uh... Mercury in retrograde! Milky Way! I know very little. Someone teach me? Fine, I'll read a book/Wikipedia. Or take ketamine.

Juuust now remembering my dreams from last night. Thanks for the dream where all of my exes came back to roast me, subconscious. That was a real treat. There was another dream somewhere in there about stuffed animals and porcelain dolls, but obviously the roasting dream sticks with me the most. A lot of my exes are now married and have children. Wait, that's not true. But a few of them are and I really dig at least one of their wives. In fact, I like her so so so much and I love that I like her so so so much. It is such a relief! Then there's another ex-of-sorts who married a real dud of a girl. She does not read this blog. He does not read this blog. I'm not sure who reads this blog except for my mom and the ghost of Nancy Reagan. Too soon? Anyway, exes, man. They are like a constant full moon.

It isn't even noon and yet I am so freaking excited for dinner. I will now post a few photos of what I currently crave. And then I'll probably add a photo or two of the moon and zero photos of any of my exes or their wives. A photo of a spooky porcelain doll? You got it.

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