Thursday, December 24, 2015


Confession: I just googled "how to write a blog."

Apparently I am supposed to find a focus, be relatable, be myself, use links within your post (HOW DO I DO THAT?!), include images, respond to blog comments (whoops), and some other things, but I stopped reading.

I am not supposed to set unrealistic goals (psssh), limit your word count, make grammar mistakes (suck it), write long paragraphs (uhhhh...), litter your post with parenthetical statements (HEY!) (I made up that last one -- sometimes I need to follow my own advice).

I should stop blogging and do something better with my time. Like wrap Christmas presents. Like feed and clothe the homeless. Like litter the world outside of my computer with parenthetical exclamations! Like pick up litter. Like cut out unnecessary words like "like."

Like take a break.

I took a break, a short one, but I am back and feel muuuuch calmer. The calmness came after a quick cry in an empty garage, a slightly too warm shower, a slow meandering through the park with the damn elusive sun in my face, and reading a few passages from Joseph Campbell's The Power of Myth.

I need to remember what brings me calmness and to seek after these things at all times.


But Meghan, the next time you are crying in a lonely garage, just step outside of it. For one minute is all. That's all. It's all there, out there, waiting for you to return home.

zzzzzz. Oh, sorry, just fell asleep rereading this post.

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