Thursday, December 24, 2015


Family is out there doing family things! And I am in here! Doing solo things! Because all I seem to be able to do is solo things these days. Well, what if I fake it 'till I make it? What if I pretend to be a social butterfly, afraid of nothing but cocoons?

I'll do it. I'll find a cheap place downtown and attend cultural events and author readings and eat at trendy restaurants with dim lighting and gooey cheese and craft beer. I'll run into my ex with his long hair, painted nails, progressive and semi-famous girlfriend. I'll run into the grocery store wearing my city shoes (sneakers, but really cool ones) and grab something local and artisanal. I'll watch the lights in the high-rises turn on high above my cold head. I forgot my hat. I forgot my hat in the basket of my bike, the bike I use to get around the city and to my cultural events and author readings and dinner reservations and uncomfortable run-ins with my past. I'll do it. Soon.

I need to leave my bedroom first. And that starts with me ending this post prematurely and interacting with other humans, humans who happen to be family. But are they local and artisanal? Let me found out.

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