Tuesday, December 29, 2015


An incomplete list of healthy, or at least not entirely self-destructive, things I do when I am feeling blue:

*watch Fraggle Rock
*eat a sandwich with wasabi
*go on a walk which lasts a 1,000,002 hours
*browse a bookstore and maybe -- MAYBE-- even buy myself a book
*drink coffee and lots of it
*write, but not nearly as often as I used to (might need to drink more caffeine to jump start this)

An incomplete list of unhealthy, but kind of funny, things I do when I am feeling blue:

*drink more caffeine, ride that high for a few glorious hours, and then proceed to have a total meltdown
*text old crushes and loves, promising that we'll soon catch up (and never keeping that promise)
*look at Instagram photos of people I don't quite like
*chew on either 1,000,002 ice cubes or 1,000,002 pieces of gum
*buy a lot of obscure Kindle books, usually on metaphysical things or Catholic saints (is this unhealthy?)
*do something drastic and regrettable with my hair

Will write more. Must go to ShopKo right now to buy tennis shoes and a National Geographic and wasabi if they have it. I am not sad. This is not a healthy/unhealthy thing I do. This is just a thing I do. While I am away, please enjoy this photo of a baby turtle.

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