Sunday, December 20, 2015


Looks like I lost a follower! Not that I'm keeping track. I just casually noticed, okay? But that's okay! The fewer readers, the safer I'll be in the long run! Who knows what kind of crap I've admitted on here that will one day shoot me in the foot. Is that the right phrase to use? "Shoot me in the foot"? Speaking of feet, mine have hurt for decades. As it turns out, I will forever be in sneakers with excellent arch support from now on. Stilletos were for my 20s, specifically when I was 20 and I was in Vegas and I thought I'd look cute in my Ramones t-shirt, jean mini-skirt, and plaid "punk" stilletos. Turns out it was the mistake of the century! That and going to war with Iraq. Iraq? No, YOUraq. Ugh. Never mind.

Sneakers. Sneaker? But I hardly know her. Wow, it's becoming blindingly apparent why I have recently lost a follower. Oh well. I yam who I yam.

I've made one stupid resolution for 2016. I came up with this one about an hour ago. Here it is. The suspense is building.

Resolution: I will go on one road trip a month. I have weekends off, I am done with work by 12:45pm every day, so... So why not save up some pennies to go somewhere with someone for a weekend? Okay, so there may be a lot of reasons to not do such a thing, but pish posh. I miss going on road trips. It's odd -- I am terrible at meeting someone for lunch, but I am terribly excellent at sitting in a car for hours with another human. And there's the strong possibility that we'll get into a lot of wacky adventures! And we can take some rad Instagram photos at abandoned gas stations and lonely motels! And we'll probably have to pee in a bottle in the backseat at some point when traffic's too bad and there isn't a reststop for another 100 miles. It all sounds like a dream.

If there are a lot of typos in this post, don't shoot. I am typing this on a computer older than I am. AND I AM OLD.

Well, I have drained my entire mind, body, and soul writing this post and have nothing left to offer. Just know that I still love you, even if you are all on the verge of unfollowing me. Don't follow me in the first place! Stand beside me. Walk with me. Carry me, maybe, if my feet ache. But definitely -- definitely -- drive with me to the border.

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