Saturday, January 30, 2016


So it has been a few hours... Have I unpacked every single last box? Not on your life, buster. BUT there are still hours and hours ahead of us. Of me. Well, of us, but it's me who has to unpack the boxes. You are welcome to come over and help me if you wish, but I wish you wouldn't. Not that I don't like you (I do -- in fact, I secretly love you A LOT), I just don't like visitors. Unless the visitors are bringing me books, which happened today. Two books. I went on a book buying spree a week or so ago. Each day brings a new outlook and a new book. Today's books: Cassandra at the Wedding by Dorothy Baker and Thunderstruck by Elizabeth McCracken. Anyway, bring me books and I'll bring you into my home.

I figured I can clean more if I break it up into chunks. Twenty minutes here, twenty minutes there. Clean, unpack, organize -- and then I can take a break and read my weird Russian novels. It makes so much sense! So that's three minutes cleaning, unpacking, and organizing followed by two-and-a-half hours reading. Duh.

I guess blogging isn't really "productive," although you could say (and please do) that blogging is basically just me cleaning, unpacking, and organizing the thoughts in my head. If that is the case, maybe some of my thoughts should stay in boxes.

What are you up to today? Are you allowing yourself to rest and relax while also taking care of errands and whatever else it is adults do to feel semi-productive and accomplished at the end of the day? I know some of you may have to work. Maybe a few of you are still asleep? If that's the case, that is crazy and you need to wake up right now. But seriously, is this what we do as adults? I am trying to be a human who can do things and who is not paralyzed by her inner critic/neuroses. To put it plainly, I am experimenting. I am trying on different hats, both literally and figuratively, and seeing which one looks best. To be completely honest, I look great in all hats, especially top hats and -- dare I admit it -- fedoras.

Well, time to stop trying on hats and unpacking my thoughts and get back to scrubbing toilets and dusting shelves and whatever else it is you adult people do. Long live Saturday. <--- Will not delete that last sentence, despite how pathetic it was. <--- Making decisions, not backing down, no apologies. <--- Right on.

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