Sunday, January 3, 2016


I HAVE A LOT TO SAY. Bear with me. Bare with me? Definitely bear. But there should be a third option. Bear is too much like the animal, bare is too much like being naked and/or my Tumblr page, so... There needs to be a third option. Baer with me. Bhar with me. Bair. Baire. I like the last one! Baire with me.

I watched approximately 17,000 hours of television last night due to it being my last night of winter break at my mama's. As you recall, I don't have television at my cave-of-an-apartment, so I have to get my fill while I can. Anyway, I watched at least two House Hunters episodes -- the OFF THE GRID edition. Both couples bought eco-friendly homes in Belize. One of the homes was a freakin' TREEHOUSE. Tree house. Two words. Side note (because everything I say is a side note): One of the couples was (were?) (was.) (was?) a lesbian couple from Miami. Older. Owned a nice restaurant. Both named Cathy. The workaholic one was from France and kept kissing everyone on both cheeks. The other, quieter one was slicing watermelon in the last scene. All-in-all a wonderful duo.

Oh yeah, Belize. My point in setting up all of that was to say that I didn't even realize Belize (lize lize lize) was a place. I mean, I had heard of it, but had never really thought about it. But now that's all I'm thinking about! I want to farm in Belize this summer, meet a French Cathy of my own, and retire in a tree house with an excellent Internet connection and fresh watermelon (with or without seeds, not picky) on the eco-friendly counter. What would that counter be made of? Bamboo? Hemp? Definitely not hemp.

To be quite honest, Belize is not all I'm thinking about. Not even close. I have so many more things occupying big chunks of my mind. One thing is a secret, the other thing is worries over feeling homesick/returning to a cold and noisy cave, the other thing is eating disorder related because WHEN IS THAT NOT ON MY MIND. And, of course, the book I'm reading is on my mind. Great, great book. Plainsong by Kent Haruf. He makes me want to maybe kinda sorta try my hand at writing a novel. An unconventional novel with no quotation marks, but a novel nonetheless. The title of my novel will be A Novel Nonetheless: A Novel. The book will fail miserably and sell maybe three copies (thanks, mom, dad, and sissy!), so I'll turn to a life of blogging (very familiar) about my life in Belize with my French partner Cathy and our cat sanctuary. The blog will be called "Side Notes with Meg and Cathy and 1800 Feral Cats." But it'll be in Spanish or whatever they speak over there. Over here, for now, we only speak frantically.

Well well well, looks as if we've come to the end of yet another throwaway post. I am proud of you (all three of you?) for making it this far. You deserve a prize. Would a watermelon suffice?

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