Friday, January 15, 2016


Somewhere on this great web, I found a list of 28 "powerful questions for a happy life." And I thought, "Huh." And then I thought, "Why not answer a few?" And then I asked, "What do I have to lose?" And then I remembered, "I haven't eaten breakfast yet. I've just had lots and lots and lots of coffee." And then I looked out the window and saw dumbass snow. It's so pretty. The dumbass snow is so pretty, but for the love of breakfast I hate driving in the snow SAME OLD STORY. We get it, traveling in the snow is lame. We get it.

I'm not answering all 28, just so you know. You know this now, so quit asking.

1. What risk would you take if you knew you could not fail?
Having a long-term relationship -- like, maybe even a MARRIAGE. I would move to foreign places and find work. I would try out for local plays. SERIOUSLY. I would submit poems to various literary journals. I would drive in the dumbass snow.

2. What are the top five things you cherish in your life?
A list within a list? WTF? I cherish relationships with other humans, I cherish any second spent in nature, I cherish poetry, even if I don't fully understand some of the poems, I cherish unfiltered moments (in art, in love, in words), I cherish slowing down.

3. What are you avoiding?
Calling my health insurance, paying bills, cleaning my hideously disgusting bathroom, the dentist, the snow, my ex, my ex's new girlfriend, making plans with other people, small talk, any kind of store at any time of the day.

That's all for now. Three questions down, 25 left to go. TWENTY-FIVE. I remember when I was 25... Kidding, I don't. That was, like, a century ago. Who was I? Who am I now? What is art? How is color? Why is time? And so forth.

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