Friday, January 1, 2016


I am about to state the obvious: It is 2016. And with this new year, I have come up with a handful of resolutions (despite my best efforts). Here they are, in no particular order.

*Begin putting things into a particular order.
*Maybe get married??? Or at least date someone. Or at least be open to the idea of dating someone. In other words, don't isolate yourself so much. And allow someone to hug you without squirming away.
*Accept yourself, which means be okay with the fact that you just might ultimately be a solitary soul who doesn't want that hug and doesn't want that marriage.
*But maybe you do want that hug and that marriage? And maybe you do want that hamburger and that day of rest from the gym? Be open to new people, places, and things. And burgers. Always be open to burgers.
*Volunteer more (like, waaay more), especially on holidays when you are susceptible to gettin' the blues.
*Be okay with getting the blues (they will never disappear permanently), but find healthy ways to cope with the blues. Take your vitamins! Drink your water! Get your sleep, meditate, try some damn yoga, and so forth. You know, the usual.
*Lucid dreams! Have them!
*Stop getting annoyed with people coughing. Most of them (roughly 87%) cannot help it. You are being a jerk for getting annoyed at coughs, by the way. But I still love you, jerk.
*Spend more time in my man cave, change my name to "Mike Hunt," eat a lot of cornbread (the real stuff with chunks of corn), become either Jewish or Catholic or Wiccan.
*Read tarot cards, read one book a week, read maps.
*Maybe write five poems a day. Develop a writing schedule/routine.
*Ease up on all of my other schedules/routines. Be more spontaneous, kiddo!
*Stop avoiding. Start embracing.

Amen and hallelujah. Happy happy new year, honeys. You are doing just fine.

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