Friday, February 3, 2012

sitars and mommies

read and witness the caffeine/taurine/panax ginseng extract kick in...

*all i want to listen to lately is sitar music - i have said this before (i almost typed "i have sexed this before"! what a fun/telling mistake!), so i apologize if inside you are screaming, "shut up about the sitar music, meg! we know! WE KNOW WE KNOW WE KNOW!" stop screaming at me.

my blog is just a place for me to list things, now isn't it? "is not it"? <-- this has never made sense to me.

my blog is also a place for me to tell saaad stories about my eating disorder and social anxieties.

my blog is also slowly transitioning into a... MOMMY BLOG!!! SURPRISE!!! BIG NEWS!!! totally fucking kidding. god. that would be scary shit.

not that there's anything wrong with mommy blogs (even though there is). if that's your thing, then that's your thing. don't let me stop you (i'm super passive anyway). you probably hate my blog with all of your heart (because i say swears and talk constantly about sitar music).

breakfast, i miss you. time to eat you.


kieren said...

HAHAHahahahahahahaha. (I was going to type "LOL!" But then I didn't because you are grossed out by "LOL!" And rightly so, because it is the kind of shit that Cody Thomas gets off on. He masturbates while muttering "LOL" to himself, for sure.) Mommy blogs. Ew. I feel like a dick saying that, because I used to date this fucking asshole who talked so much shit on mommy blogs (even though he was a mormon, so like, should have had no room to talk shit on anything, ever) that it made me almost feel sorry for/defensive of mommy blogs. But only until we broke up, then I was like "yeah, mommy blogs kind of make me depressed." I don't know where this is going. Um, I just came here to say that this blog post (and all of your posts) made me laugh.

kieren said...

"Have I told you lately that I love you?"
-Me, to your blog

meg said...

KIEREN. I need need need need need need you to start a blog. Oh god - do you already HAVE a blog? Please have one. You are perhaps one of the finest and funniest humans I know. <3 x infinity symbol