Thursday, February 16, 2012


Sometimes I think to myself, "I bet my readers miss me writing about Spike and caffeine and using the word 'and' way too much and complaining about how there's not enough Native American flute music in the world and so on. I bet they really miss all of these things." And then I think to myself, "Well, let me write a post!" And then I think again, "Or maybe the post will write me?" And then I'm reminded of how tiring people can be who ask stupid questions like, "Maybe the post will write me?" What in Buddha's name does that even mean? Speaking of Buddha, who here just drank some SPIKE?! Oh, and yes, I DID spell "here" as "hear" and then quickly utilized my backspace key in hopes that none of you saw that grave error. None of you saw it, right? Thank god/buddha/SPIKE.

Oh man. That above paragraph was written yesterday. I didn't finish this post because I was all sorts of manic. I give up on this post, but I'm still gonna post it post post post post toast gonna make me some toast right now with coconut oil. Have you guys and gals and gender-neutral people ever had coconut oil on toast before? So super amazingly fan-damn-tastic. Post.