Thursday, February 9, 2012


I drank enough coffee tonight to write - or at least that was the plan. I should just stop making plans because I never seem to follow through with them. Instead of writing, I stuffed my face with food and stuffed my brain with the tangled web that is the, uh, Web. I am so off-balance lately. I'm gonna do what I do best and blame, yes, caffeine for my currently lopsided life. Even though I bought energy drinks tonight specifically for tomorrow, I think I might try my damndest to not drink any caffeine whatsoever tomorrow. Maybe I will meditate tomorrow night in addition to my morning practice? Okay, and I should probably stop trying to constantly "fix" myself. I ain't so bad how I am right now... Except I DO look like this:

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Thirdmango said...

I found one of my "hidden" blogs today, this one was mostly journal entries from 07 and boy howdy I was depressed, funny thing is I had lots of the same problems I do now I just now know how to deal with them better. Often times it's not really about fixing yourself but being happy with the person you are. Unfortunately day by day life doesn't really afford us that luxury but sometimes it's just okay to feel lopsided.