Saturday, February 11, 2012

koala lama

So here I am, Saturday morning, scrolling through Tumblr like a damn high school kid and listening to Native American flute music like a damn aging white hippie from Massachusetts. And, yeah, so maybe I had to google "Massachusetts" in order to spell it correctly. And so what if I ate dinner AND breakfast AND a few desserts last night? And let's say I'm drinking Spike out of a straw right now. Let's just say I am. What's the big deal?! It took everything in me not to CAPS LOCK that last sentence. I still used the question-mark-exclamation-mark combo that I know must peeve a few people out. Oh good - I typed "peeve a few people out." Well, obviously I typed it because you just read it. It didn't magically appear on my screen. But maybe? As skeptical youth, we always always always question everything (authority, the existence of god, whether or not to cut bangs). Good for us! Questions! Questioning is... Uh... Time to take a sip of Spike and come up with something that questioning is... OKAY! I've got it! Questioning is like a koala bear. You think it is cute, but it will probably claw your eyes out and then take a shit on your shirt.

But remember how I said I ate a lot last night? There were reasons why I binged (but not BINGED binged in the True Life: I'm a Binge Eater kinda way - no full sheets of cake or dozens of cheeseburgers from McD's, which, I know, would probably make this much more intriguing). I should further explore those reasons because that's what it will take to get me to stop bingeing and start addressing the "deeper issues." Yes, I know. It's because certain needs aren't being met and so I cover it up with food. Or something like that. I'll explore those reasons soon, I promise. But first I want to publicly tell you and myself that it's okay for me to "binge." Not to say that I am gonna keep doing it and that it's healthy - but that the world won't come to an end because I shoveled too much food into my mouth late last night. What if I actually had the power to bring about the apocalypse simply by chewing and swallowing food? Anyway, I'm not about to "beat myself up" for any of this. I'm not going to spend the better part of my Saturday afternoon at the gym "atoning" for my "mistake." I'm not going to fret if my pants are a little snugger. Everyone likes a little junk in the trunk, right? God. And I'm not going to say "junk in the trunk" either. I am just going to put my energy and time into more important things because, wow, guess what? There's an entire world out there and it's time I start exploring it (before I DESTROY IT with my extraordinary chewing/swallowing powers). Live outside of your head, Meg.

Above is a picture of me living outside of my head, but it's actually just a picture of the Dalai Lama with the Tibetan flag's sun radiating from his skull. Hey! Check out this weird as shit photo:


Thirdmango said...

As an aging white hippie from Massachusetts (Well I'm not that old, 29, but I do age, and I'm not originally from Mass, but I did live in Boston for a year and a half in 2008/9, I am definitely a hippie though as I listen to jam bands and tour with them and like to experience more then shun/deny) I can say sometimes it's okay to binge to deal with the stupid shit we put ourselves through.

cassie said...

that picture is a screenshot from a movie i've seen but i can't remember the name of it for the life of me. it was japanese, i remember that much. sometimes i have to binge to give myself the motivation to get to the real issues. example: "wow, i ate a bag of redvines for dinner. i should get out more."

meg said...

Thirdmango, I am really happy to hear that you listen to jam bands. People seems to "diss" them way too much. I dig 'em.

Cassie, I need to see that movie! And Redvines for dinner? Yes, please.

Thirdmango said...

Music is my first love, my collection is extensive, but I have a lot of that due to jam bands as I got into bands like Phish, String Cheese Incident and Widespread Panic in high school (in Utah oddly enough). Before that it was just alternative rock of the mid 90s, and jam bands opened my mind to new possibilities, that music didn't have to be conventional. You could have long songs, short songs and all types of songs and still do what you love. It was very freeing, and it led me to branching out into all other avenues of music.

Often I find many people when it comes to music even if the type of music they listen to is super obscure, if they get stuck too much in it, then they'll never allow themselves to listen to anything else. An Indie Rock fan could fall into the same trap as a Weezer fan where they just believe the music they are listening to is the pinnacle of music and no other band will ever be better. Indie rock is a good example but I own a good amount of indie rock, even more then some people who consider themselves to be a part of the culture, but they would never accept me as a part of their culture cause I listen to other things.