Tuesday, February 7, 2012

nitrous technology and dickwads and self-love

Good morning, dears.

I am taking time to respond to any of the comments that you may have left on my blog. I really do love any and all comments that I receive - I'm just terrible at responding to them. Well, NOT ANYMORE!

Dudes, I have bad habits. I'm trying to break them or change them (or maybe I should just accept them?) and for the most part I am doing well. One bad habit that hasn't changed much: My caffeine consumption. I know I am about 10,347 times less anxious without it and that it does nothing but turn me into an a$$wipe, but there's that quick boost of confidence and speediness that is so damn attractive to me. I should stop and say that this is in no way a habit but in every way an addiction. Okay, now let me go on and talk about caffeine some more. Just kidding. This topic is EXHAUSTED. But I'm not! Nope. Not after downing an extra strength energy drink that uses "nitrous technology." Really? Sold. (Tomorrow: Not giving up caffeine, but I'll consider it. The day after tomorrow: Yes, caffeine is GONE. The day after the day after tomorrow: Eh, one little can of Spike won't do me any harm. The day after the day after the day after tomorrow: Spike hangover. Dammit.)

I woke up early this morning so I could caffeinate myself, write, and listen to Native American flute music before work. I cherish time with myself. Despite the moments I have with feelings of self-dislike (not hatred, just dislike), for the most part I think I am the shit. I really can be my own BFF, you know? It's a wise thing to do (making friends with yourself) because we are kinda sorta stuck with ourselves so we kinda sorta should totally make the best of it.


Right now I'm thinking about all of the shitty things boys have said to me. Why am I thinking these things? It's okay to think about them - can't ignore them, but won't dwell on them. Hey, boys: Most of you bored me anyway.

Last night I freaked myself out because I kind of freaked out. I was backing out in the the parking lot at the gym and two cars were being kinda dicks and not giving me enough space. I calmly manuvered around the dickwads, but then as I was driving away I LAID ON MY HORN and sped away. Ha! What? That is really unlike me and I felt momentarily INSANE. So, yeah, don't be a dick to me in a parking lot? I don't know. I'm a wimp. But such a cool ass wimp that's ready for some...

...BREAKFAST!!!!!!!! Some nitrous oxide breakfast.


deadcityrebel said...

hell yeah

Thirdmango said...

there's nothing worse then dating boring people. Cause you like the whole being together with another human being thing. I just had to place a rule into my head which says Dating Awesome People > Being Alone > Dating Boring People

Then I can be like, Oh yeah awesome people are awesome and I'm awesome so I can wait for someone awesome and be alone in my awesome until awesome awesome. Awesome.

cassie said...

i love honking my horn. i love it so much. i love it when i am right.