Thursday, February 9, 2012


I should be in high school again. I think I would really make a great high school student at this point in my life. I mean, I have the whole Tumblr addiction, I'm into local bands, I have choppy short hair - I would be the raddest high school student. Instead I am a college grad approaching her 30s who buys energy drinks called "Spike" and gets excited to make boxed mac 'n' cheese. Who says growing older means growing up? Frankly, I think - let's see... I forgot what I was going to say. I got distracted by the word "frankly" and wondered if I have any friends named "Frank" and then I thought of "Hank," which reminded me of King of the Hill, which is a television program I never watched, but would like to now that I'm older and not in high school. I would also like to watch anime. Any recommendations? I've already got some great recommendations, so maybe I should just stop asking for recommendations and watch the already recommended anime.

WHAT THE HELL?! What am I doing online? I just realized that I really really really want to be reading Alan Watts right now. So much. So much that I am actually sweating. Oh wait, nope. Nope, the sweats are from the hot laptop sitting on top of my sweatpanted lap. YES, I called it a "sweatpanted lap." So? SO?

So see ya in a few. Time to zen the eff out.


Thirdmango said...

Cowboy Bebop is pretty much the best anime out there. It perfectly combines jazz music with it's funky art style. It's also great for beginners. The guarantee with the show is that if you watch the first five episodes and don't like it then you can stop. But the fifth episode is so good that it's hard to think you wouldn't love it. I mean just listen to some of this:

FLCL is not the best place to start but it is a very good surrealist anime. Also it's only 6 episodes and heavily features a japanese band called The Pillows. Here's another song for you.

If you can, start with Cowboy Bebop, from there there's a lot of good options. Miyazaki is obviously a good director as is Takahata so looking up either of them is a good idea.

Lastly a movie which is in my top 3 favorite movies of all time is the twisted and amazingly beautiful Mind Game. If I remember correctly I couldn't keep from crying in the last 20 minutes of the film because it was so beautiful and insane. It's sort of a psychedelic journey kind of movie about love and fulfillment. Here's a preview: It'll probably make you think you'll never want to see it because it is so insane, and even though you don't know me, just know if it ever does pop on your radar it is fascinatingly beautiful. Preview:

Thirdmango said...

Also, if you want some quick and easy things related to anime. If I had to only have one sentence to describe this guy I'd say he's sorta the banksy of anime music videos. His name is nostromo and it is amazing. Just watch the first one and then if you think it's awesome which you will, check out some of the rest. If I could make one video like this guy does my life would be complete.

cassie said...

king of the hill. the episode (originally i wrote pepisode. pepsiode?) "aisle 8A" is one of my favorite things ever put on television.