Monday, February 20, 2012

cut cut cut (also, hyphens)

what to cut out of my life:

*people that drag me down in one way or another

*over-consumption of particular chemicals

*constant self-body-policing (i don't know how to use the hyphen)

*constant inner critic (such as "i don't know how to use the hyphen" - but i seriously don't sometimes - that was mostly just an observation)


*biotin (weird, i know - but it's causing me to break out! i never break out! i never get out! i need to get out of the house! train of thought derailed!)

*the feeling that i need to cut things out of my life - instead I should work with what i have, change my perspective, and regard all people/places/things as teachers


Meg said...

You are lovely, all of you.

Thirdmango said...

sometimes it's not that we really need to cut out the things in our life but change them for the better. Examples: I was a film major for nearly 4 years and I still love making film, watching film and discussing film, but as far as school goes it's just better for me to be a Psych major and if that does lead to me being in film I'll be happy with it. I just couldn't have my major being film for school to work.

Facebook just became too much for me, but I still wanted to keep in touch with very specific people and my part time job uses facebook to coordinate, so I created a fake account of which I have like 40 friends that I keep in regular contact with and keep my local friends local with less facebook connectivity.

People told me I was wasting my time watching as much TV as I was, so instead of just watching tv I turned watching TV into a part time job and now I make a small amount of money watching TV.

So just like you said at the end, sometimes it works better to change your perspective and use those things in your life to create something better. Cutting things cold turkey often just makes us sad and unable to cope properly, one of the best things which happened to me was staying friends with my ex after we broke up right up until the point where she got married because I was able to slowly flush her out of my system instead of cut it off and not know what to do with my feelings. I don't recommend it for everyone but if you can eventually get a good clean break by weening yourself off something or someone instead of just severing the ties often that works better. Of course the drawback is if you accidentally do something you'll regret. But of course, that's the foils of life. :D