Friday, February 10, 2012

i don't mention spike ONCE in this post (psych)

First of all, thank you for your anime recommendations (and King of the Hill recommendation!). I promise to respond to any/all comments in the near future. NOT LIKE THE FUTURE EVEN EXISTS. But it actually does. It does exist. My mind doesn't know what to think right now. I decided to go without caffeine today, but then a splitting headache and a possible 10-hour workday told me to drink a little teeny tiny itsy bit of Spike. And so I did. Kinda wish I didn't, but I can't keep living in the past. NOT LIKE THE PAST EVEN EXISTS. But it actually does. That's why things are so shitty/awesome for us right now - because of the past and karma and my karma ran over your dogma and ma, I really want a dog.

NOOOOO I have to get ready for work. For as much as I, a privileged Caucasian female living in suburbia, complain about work, it really ain't so bad. I mean, I get to talk about anime and mythology and infinity with my coworker AND I usually get a shit ton of samples in addition to 10% off of Spike and vegan protein powder (WHICH I bought yesterday for a cool $35). So work is fine fine fine. I need to start complaining about more important things, like banks and Rick Santorum and how I am out of dental floss.

Okay. Work time. Tool time? Hammer time? Time to take this Spike away from me. Please. Somebody. Anybody.