Monday, February 6, 2012

buddha bra beer

Hey, sweethearts. I am in love with all of you.

Why do I feel almost euphoric right now? I have felt this way the past few days, actually. There are moments, however, that I get pretty blue and/or self-conscious, but it doesn't usually last too long and then I go back to being super hippie buddha love love love Meg. Is this attitude annoying? Nah. I mean, it probably is to some people, but it's probably because those people are just going through a tough time and what they don't like in others is either what they don't like in themselves or it is something they wish they had in themselves... And they DO have it in themselves; we contain the universe.

Speaking of universe, you know what word sounds an awful lot like "universe"? University. And speaking of universities, I was at one this afternoon. The Utah Valley one, to be specific. What a trip, man/dude/lady/child of buddha. I haven't been on campus for quite some time - it feels like a different place and blah blah blah and people are scary yada yada yada. Why was I there? I met up with a friend (who teaches Ethics & Values at UVU) to discuss Buddhism. It was a wonderful conversation and showed me how very little I know about Buddhism. Whoops? Or perhaps hooray? It means I still have a beginner's mind and that I will always have something to do - I should never be bored because I could always always always learn more (or unlearn?) about Buddhism and religion in general and General Conference and kidding I don't want to learn too much about GC even though, you know, whatever.

We all have short attention spans. So instead of blabbing on and on in tangential sentences, I will just say quickly what I want to say. Lists! We all know how much I love the list.

*I emailed Susan Piver today about volunteering at a Shambhala Center this summer and she very promptly emailed me back with such exciting news - more details to come later, but basically it made me weep. WEEP.

*I'm digging not wearing any makeup or bras lately. Sorry, boys/mom! I don't really care to look like the standard "pretty" anymore. I just want to let go of that pressure and start spending my time and energy on what I consider to be far more important (i.e. Buddhism, reading, veganism, writing, making zines, relationships). So... yeah. That's all.

*Scott Carrier saw me today and said hello. He was really friendly and we talked for a few minutes. He said I look like a professor. Guess professors don't like makeup or bras, either! Of course, I was awkward and thought of all of the things I should have/should not have said to Scott immediately after we parted ways, but that's just the normal human thing to do - overanalyze every interaction you have and every situation you are in. I caught myself doing this and decided to just let it go and to "give myself a break."

*I could have been upset that I had to park at least 20 minutes away from the school, but I wasn't. I was actually really happy about it because it is a damn nice day outside. I got to spend time outside walking (the outdoors and walks - two of my most favorite things). Simple as that.

*Last night was a lot of fun. I spent it up in Salt Lake at Bryan & Cassie's place with a few great friends (Bryan, Cassie, Joey, Justin, Ned in spirit). We watched a little bit of the PUPPY BOWL, Snuff Box (so fucking funny), and then Akira (which blew my MIND). Cassie made very delicious mac 'n' cheese and brownies, which we all ate, and then we all washed it down with too many Sessions and PBRs. I loved it. I loved how casual it was and how comfortable I felt with them. Cheers, you weirdos.

*So much more to write. But I'm gonna eat lunch now. I'm always ending my posts talking about how I'm going to go eat, aren't I? Good for me.

Photo of me sans makeup and bra (also wearing my "professor" sweater):


ariana said...

our souls are in total unity.

HA! the verification to prove i'm not a robot (i'm not a robot???) is SWINES. it makes me laugh a strange amount.

cassie said...

i want every sunday to be the puppy bowl.

deadcityrebel said...

that is a very sassy look, WIEMER

meg said...

Ariana, our souls really are in total unity. By the way, why haven't you posted anything on your blog in, like, forever? Please do.

Cassie, same for you and your blog. I miss reading what you write! Write more! So much more! And yeah, the Puppy Bowl could happen every Sunday and it could easily become my new religion.

Joe Joe, WHATEVS! Sassy? I can only dream.