Monday, January 30, 2012

Thoughts I Have While Browsing the Internet

*I will call it "Internet" in my blog title even though a part of me wants to call it something gOoFy like, "the Internets" or "the World Wide Mirror" or "Sandra Bullock's 1995 project."

*Every single movie that has ever been made came out in 1995. I swear. Go check IMDB right now, but first finish reading this nonsense.

*The Dalai Lama sure knows how to call me out on my shit.

*I am listening to a song called "Secret Fountain" right now. Kids, this isn't a song by a band that will be featured at Coachella (did I spell that correctly? "Couch" and "Ella"? oh wait - COACH, like that Craig T. Nelson/Jerry Van Dyke/Shelley Fabares project) - this is a song that will be featured in some massage parlor with crystals and chakras and crazy cat ladies that teach their pussies how to paint from the soul. (Which pussy am I talking about?! You decide, perverts.)

*When people find out I write poetry, they ask if I write love sonnets. Not that there's anything wrong with love sonnets (except that I find most of them boring), but that's just not MY THING. When I inform them that I write more "surreal poetry," they give me a blank stare and then proceed to never ask me another personal question again.

*It may just be the Spike talking (am I sponsored by Spike? I just miiiiight be!!!), but I feel incredibly confident with myself and my opinions and my beliefs lately. I know some of the things I say/do/write could be offensive to some or disappointing or worrisome, but I am okay with that - not that I like upsetting people, but my dad always quoted Rick Nelson when I was growing up - "You see, you can't please everyone, so you've got to please yourself." And it has finally sunk in! So I'll continue to get tattoos (well, maybe), I'll continue to be a heathen Buddhist in Mormon Utah (of course, I'll move to Sweden eventually), I'll continue to say "fuckin' fucked up, fucko!" if the situation calls for such language, and I'll continue to cut my hair all by myself (while simultaneously cutting the back of my neck). THANKS FOR "GARDEN PARTY," RICKY! Truer words have never been spoken (except they probably have).

*SOOOOO many parenthetical statements/questions/exclamations. (And they are all very necessary.)

*Elliott Smith, your music will always comfort and un-comfort me.

*This post is stressing me out. Time to be done with it and to take another swig of Spike while wearing this Spike hat and Spike racing suit and having many Spike themed thought bubbles.


Meg said...

Hmm. I should use that description of the massage parlor chakra crystal cat lady painting with her vagina as my job description... Also, I have never read your poetry and would love to at some point--surreal is my favorite.
Love you.

cassie said...

the one time my parents read a poem i had written, my dad asked, "so who is this about?", and my mom said, "well, at least it wasn't as bad as some of the other poetry in [the magazine]."

Thirdmango said...

Do you write love sonnets?

meg said...

Meg, let's share our writings/poems with one another someday soon. Over tea/wine/tea wine (ew?).

Cassie, I'll say it again, but I really want to read more of your writings.

Thirdmango, you bet your sweet ass I write love sonnets! Like, obsessively write them. I'm writing one right now with my right hand while I type this with my left.