Friday, June 19, 2015


I am supposed to be decluttering my room right now, but let's face it -- I'm supposed to be doing a lot of things right now.

Here are a few of the things I am supposed to be doing right now:

Eating breakfast.
Having children.
Feeding my children breakfast.
Getting a PhD.
Getting married.
Getting married to my PhD.
Going through therapy.
Working full-time so I can afford to be going through therapy.
Buying various birthday gifts.
Getting rid of various birthday gifts that are gathering dust. (Decluttering!)
Making meaningful human connections.
Paying bills.
Looking for the bills that need to be paid.
Having a panic attack over the bills that need to be paid with some kind of magically money that magically appears in my bank account.
Taking out the trash.
Hustlin' for some cash.
Wearin' a g-damn sash.
Writing way more poetry.
Starting a podcast with Laura.
Becoming Catholic and/or Jewish.

So there are a few of the things I am supposed to be doing right now but am not. Oh, and I should be saving the world as well, which I am clearly not doing because I just threw away a glass bottle I AM THE WORST.

Stay tuned for my next post about all of the things I should be sexually interested in, but am not. JK. JKJKJKJK. (Or not! Like I said, stay tuned!)

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