Saturday, June 13, 2015


Okay! Today's post is going to be light and happy-ish and full of very dirty limericks. Maybe not the last one, but... Maybe?

I am walking around a quiet-for-the-moment park on a Saturday morning which just happens to be my BIRTHDAY. But no more birthday talk because it might quickly lead me into a full-on panic attack. Kidding... Maybe?

I am reading Jesus' Son by Denis Johnson and it sure does make me dangerously nostalgic for my early 20s. Oh dear! I'm reading it mostly because I'm SUPER INTO reading short books so that I can actually finish something and feel SUPER ACCOMPLISHED. So far it's working... Maybe?

Okay, I was going to finish each paragraph with dot dot dot maybe question mark, but I don't think I can keep it up. I can, however, keep up with this pigeon that seems to be following me home. Or am I following it (him? her?) home? My life is a question mark, my home is a pigeon's nest. Kidding. I do not know what the flip/fudge I am saying.

I know that I am going to a huge antique mall soon, though! Me? At a mall? On my birthday? You bet your perfectly shaped ass. I hope the place is haunted. I hope I am visited by three ghosts. Birthday Past, Birthday Present, Birthday Future. I hope all three of them are Brigham Young, but with different hats! I am wearing a hat today. It's my birthday and I will wear a flipping/fudging fedora if I so wish.

Make a wish, Meggie! Blow out the candles, light some new ones, eat a cake. And take whatever happens and wrap it up and give it as a gift to yourself. You are one in a million, babe... Maybe? No. Totally.