Friday, July 1, 2016


Do you ever catch a glimpse of yourself in the screen of your computer and go, "Oh boy, that person looks like a tired plate of mashed potatoes!" Because I do, all of the time. And I am tired, all of the time. But the thing with being a tired plate of mashed potatoes (with butter and lots of salt) all of the time is that you know nothing else. So tired is the new normal! It all works out!

I need more sleep, yes. Sure. Okay. Will do. But what happens if I love both early mornings and late nights? I am an early bird and a night owl and those two winged creatures do not get along. I guess I could always sleep away the day. YEAH RIGHT, BUB. Although... Maybe? Maybe my future career will be one with a graveyard shift (and an actual graveyard -- I could be a groundskeeper? OR A GHOST HUNTER!!!) and I will finally thrive.

Today I got into a teeeeensy tiny little itty bitty insignificant still totally stupid and I wish it never would have happened accident. I don't have the energy to tell you all about it -- plus it isn't fascinating in the slightest -- but I will say that I found it interesting how damn nice I was throughout the whole thing. It wasn't my fault at all, yet I still said sorry? And I complimented the driver's shirt, cracked some jokes, tried to lighten the mood. I am always trying to lighten the mood for others, yet I do whatever I can to litter my mood with storm clouds. Make life way easier for others, make life way harder for self: This is the diary of Meg Wiemer.

I do want to write more. I do! I do! But I want to buy a Subway sandwich more. I do? I do. This post went nowhere and it went nowhere fast. I need to start writing more quality posts. Quality > Quantity. Equality < Subway sandwiches. Subway sandwiches > Quality sandwiches. Math > Comes in handy when writing blog posts.

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