Wednesday, July 13, 2016


I wonder if constantly worrying about something is just my way of passing the time. Well if so, that's a pretty stupid way to pass the time. Pass time, kill time, buy time, waste time. Time out. Let's have a discussion right now about the now that is right now. There is no other now than the one that is right now. Now let's have a discussion about language and how we assign meaning to lines and shapes and call some of these lines and shapes naughty and other lines and shapes annoying, such as the lines and shapes that make up ointment and moist. It's the oi oi oi thing, huh? I don't find the oi obnoxious, but I do find Pokemon Go obnoxious for a few reasons I shall not discuss. Don't be pissed off at me for having negative feelings towards this particular app. Don't be pissed at me for using the word pissed -- do we have to discuss language again, hmmm?

What should I do this fall? (I sometimes hesitate calling it "fall" because I think I like the word "autumn" better, but then "autumn" can sound too formal and then I recall, once again, our language conversation we had in my mind about two minutes ago and then I no longer bother with preferences over lines and shapes.) Where should I place my physical body this autumn? I have a million ideas (well, three) and these ideas fill in the days and clutter up the nights and then before I know it months have passed and so has fall and now it's winter and I'm settled in for the long haul. Settled in to where I've always been. I forget that going places in my mind does not equal going places in the real world, this real world now populated with pokemons and shapes and lines and...

...and my three ideas are: Work at a Buddhist retreat in Northern California, work for a national park in a warm climate, and... Oh, I guess I only have two ideas. For now. I'll walk around the block in a minute and inevitably come up with five more ideas, some more fanciful than others, all forgotten the next day. Would I benefit from a self-help book on prioritizing and goal setting and goal achieving? You bet your beautiful ass I would. Will I read one? Sure, put it on my to do list, right under "write a poem about moist ointment." What rhymes with Preparation H? I will even accept a slant rhymes.

Now to take that walk. ("Where are you taking it? Bring it back when you're done!") Now to figure out my next step as I step around the grown men and women catching their pokemons in the park. They are not only catching creatures, they are effectively passing killing buying wasting time. Good for them. Good for me. Good for us, all of us, who have found successful ways to stave off the virus that is existence. Is it cold in here or is it just me? But out there -- out there we could die from the heat of the sun that gives us life.

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