Sunday, July 3, 2016


I am attempting to write without the perhaps necessary assistance of caffeine. By the end of this post we'll see if the caffeine is, in fact, necessary.

Things I miss:

*My long, meandering walks through the Avenues. Good time to chill out, think, fantasize about lives I could live in each of the unique, old homes. I also very rarely ran into other people. And if I did, they were friendly and walking friendly dogs or riding friendly bikes. So many gardens, so many prayer flags, so many Subarus. Man. I think I just miss the Avenues in general.

*Trees. There is no shade down here. HELP ME. Also, trees are kinda sorta totally sacred to me. Not only does my physical body need trees, but so does my soul.

*School. But not really. I don't miss a lot of things about school. I guess I just miss the discussions and some of the lectures and most of the readings and the feeling that I was doing something -- and it was something in which I excelled. I feel like a doofus when I'm not actively studying something.

*Laura. And she's not a thing, she's a person. I mean, duh.

Things I do not miss:

*A lot of people from 2004-2006. Sorry? (I do desperately miss some of them, though. But there are quite a few who I say GOOD RIDDANCE!)

*Uncomfortable jeans. I don't know why I ever wore anything high waisted or without spandex.

*Fried chicken. I guess I just haven't had it in a long time? I dunno. I never get a craving for anything deep fried. I hope that's not an obnoxious thing to say. I'm not trying to imply that I'm some snobby clean eater because I am definitely not. To prove this, I will admit that I am curious how Burger King's new hot dogs taste. SUE ME! Don't sue me. I will sue YOU.

*Secret things I shall not admit to the public, at least not now. Just know that I do not miss it. Not one bit. Nope. Okay, maybe a little. But only a little!

Yeah. I think the caffeine's necessary.

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