Thursday, July 21, 2016


I finished another book today and it was also pretty good. I can't even remember the name of it. Troubling Love? Something like that. I can't even remember what it was about. Just joking. It was about a girl and her mother who drowned and Italy and expensive underwear. I guess it wasn't a girl. The character was a woman. I forget that girl implies youth. Then again, what is youth? What is time? What is color? What is the temperature because DAMN IT IS HOT. Not as hot as expensive underwear, though! Not that I would know. I haven't worn underwear since, like, the 1950s. Everyone wore underwear back then. Everyone had new fridges and pastel houses in the suburbs and hula hoops and fear of nuclear fallout and underwear.

Sorry, where was I? Right. Books. I am now on a frantic mission to find the next book to devour. Maybe I should read one about the Cold War because I got sidetracked after typing "nuclear fallout" by the Wikipedia page "Timeline of events in the Cold War." Did you realize history is fascinating? All of history, even the false parts of history. There is a history to the false history. Why was it falsified? Well, I'll tell you... Ready for a little history lesson? And there's a history behind history lessons. There's a history behind all history. Everything is automatically history. And yeah, I meant to type HERstory this whole time. Obviously.

Obviously I've had too much caffeine. HahahahahahaLOLOLOLOL blame everything on stimulants!!!!!! Talk about the weather! Complain about politics! Talk about the weather again! Make a joke, make a sandwich, rest your bones, restless mind, stay up late, stay in space. It's safer in space. The moon doesn't bother anyone and black holes just want to be left alone. Give black holes their space. Go get lost in a nebula.

Nebula is a good name for a child.

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