Monday, July 4, 2016


I will preface this post by saying I have nothing in particular I wish to write right now. Nothing of importance, nothing well-thought out or insightful. Nope. Just a bunch of top-of-my-head thoughts in 140 characters or less. Does my blog need a theme? Perhaps, but it's too late now. I'd start an entirely new blog if I ever decide to tidy up and become more cohesive. (Was "cohesive" the word I should have used? It means unified, well-integrated. Hmmm. I think it works. And since language is merely a social construct, the idea of a correct or incorrect word is silly at best. Kidding. I'm just trying to sound smart.)

Iceland. WHAT A COUNTRY, AMIRITE?! I am right. If I had to move to any country, I would move to Iceland. And who knows? Maybe my future includes fjords and elf festivals. I can't get over the feeling that Iceland is a mythical land, but apparently it's a real place??? I'll believe it when I see it/live there with the trolls and members of Sigur Rós. (But let's get real -- I could move there with what money I don't know, but move there and attend a public university FOR FREE and work on a sheep farm and eventually shack up with some native Icelander and become a resident. Wait, I'd have to marry the Icelander in order to become a resident, yeah? Is that how it works? Marriage isn't really a thing Icelanders do. Isn't that cool? Aren't they so cool? They are the coolest and have really terrific looking handknit wool sweaters, which are sometimes called Lopapeysa.)

Fourth of July. I should write about the 4th because today is the 4th and what better way to celebrate the holiday than to write a provocative piece on the failings of democracy? But you won't read that here because remember my preface? Good. Glad you remember.

Also remember that you bought three cookies at Subway today. That was a note for myself, unless you also bought three cookies (oatmeal raisin, white chocolate macadamia nut, double chocolate chip) at Subway today then I guess it would be a note for the both of us. The two of us. The two amigos, the two musketeers, the two stooges. I'm glad I have you, pal.

As is always the case, I planned on writing more. Maybe I was going to write about books? Or food? Or the center of gravity? I don't know, it could have been all of the above. I will get to those topics one day, but for now I must hunt down a bald eagle and ride on its back all the way to Iceland. I'm coming for you, Fjalladrottning.

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