Thursday, July 28, 2016


I sure have a lot of things to do before my trip to Wyoming and writing a pointless post isn't one of them. Yet here I am, mostly out of habit. Quantity over quality? Lately, yes. Just an observation or an opinion or both. Can an observation be an opinion? Can I stop asking questions? Never stop asking questions, young one! Go out there into this wide world and question as much authority as possible! Anything's possible! If you are in your 20s! Once you get into your 30s, however, your muscles or joints or whatever will ache and you'll be eating over the sink at three in the morning where you took that wrong turn and if it's possible to turn back time but it's not possible and you know that and you know that not everything is possible, which is what you thought in your 20s without question despite the fact that you were told by your future self to question as much authority as possible. But who is the authority? Are you the authority now? Can you be the authoritarian and the libertarian simultaneously? Can you stop asking yourself questions? Never say never, but never say never to saying never. Sometimes never is ideal. Sometimes you just move on.

So I should probably pack. For Wyoming.

I think of what I want to do and where I want to go and what I want to eat while in Wyoming and then I remember that oh yeah, I'm going there to work. For at least eight hours a day. This won't be a vacation, yet in a way it kind of will be. It will be a vacation from my strict schedule and rigid routines. I've written about how inflexible I am with both, so no need to dive into that again. It all stems from the desire to be in control, which is HILARIOUS because the first rule of life is to give up control and the second rule of life is to give up control. We should be taught very, very early in school that we have never been, are currently not, and never will be in control. And that's not a handicap. In fact, it can set you free. Throw those hands up in the air, children, and run free. Keep running.

Yeah. I should pack.

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