Saturday, July 2, 2016


Things I should not do:

*Complain about my ex, at least publicly. Sure, I don't use his name, but I think it's fairly obvious who the ex is. I think a big part of why I occasionally throw out little jabs is an attempt to reclaim my voice, to "prove" that I can speak up for myself and I don't always have to suppress the less-than-pleasant emotions and the less-than-ideal things that he did to me. And letting these things be read by many as opposed to jotting it down in a private journal is somehow empowering... Up to a point. After that it just becomes kinda dangerous. It's dangerous to stay trapped in the past and be bothered by the actions of those who do not deserve your energy. So I will move on and start complaining about more important things, such as that darn rock and/or roll music kids are listening to these days and the lack of pickles on my six inch Subway sandwich yesterday.

*Believe that blended frozen bananas are a substitute for ice cream. They are not. They never will be. Please, Internet and Dr. Oz, stop telling me it will taste exactly like ice cream.

*Go more than four hours without eating. Duh. Big time duh.

*Humor dudes who write/text/message me looking for one thing and one thing only. Use your imagination.

*Get sunburned.

*Get bent. Or maybe I should? Is getting bent fun? Dangerous? Fun in a kinda dangerous way, but the danger is worth it? I don't know. I don't think I've ever gotten bent in my 32 years.

*Worry about being too old to try new things and travel down new life paths. Go back to school if you want, Meggie. Go teach English overseas if you want, Meggie. Go farming in the South of France if you want, Meggie. Go audition for a small community play if you want, Meggie. Give me a fist bump now.

Things I should do:

*Write earlier in the day when my mind is working "properly" instead of right now, in the middle of the afternoon, when all I want to do is chill the eff out in a hammock and/or panic about the impending purge.

*The usual -- meditate, hydrate, yoga, vote, volunteer, help old ladies cross the street unless they are, like, soooo slow. I know the slow ones need the most help crossing that street, but lady! I have places to be and people to see! (No, I don't.)

*Go downstairs and find my food processor, bring it upstairs, wash out all of the spider webs, and proceed to make something that is not banana "ice cream."

*Get bent. Get bent forever.

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