Monday, July 25, 2016


Does the moon really affect our mood? My gut says nope, but the part of me that likes to place the blame for my strange behavior on anyone/anything other than myself says YOU BET.

I have no energy today. Well, what do I mean by energy? I guess I have enough energy to run and walk and wash my hair. I have enough energy to lift heavy boxes of poetry books I'll never get around to reading. And I might even have enough energy later to make my bed. We'll see. So I suppose I can physically perform plenty of tasks, but motivation? Motivation is on the low end.

So let me scratch that last paragraph and start over. Okay. I have no motivation today. There we go. Motivation for what exactly? (Why do I keep asking myself questions? What do I question myself about questioning myself? What is time? Why is color? Who is heaven? Where is youth? How is god? When is dinner?)

Let me catch my own fish from some body of water controlled by the moon and season it with salt from the Dead Sea.

After my Dead Sea moon fish dinner, maybe I'll find the motivation to find the answer of the motivation question I asked earlier. "Earlier" being a few sentences ago. That seemed like so long ago. Now I don't really care about answering any questions, before or after dinner. Now I just care about checking Twitter and putting on some red lipstick. I'll leave it up to life or whatever to answer the questions.

This is a throwaway post. I apologize for not being ON TOP OF MY GAME lately. I just put words on a screen and call it good, never really going back to read or edit them. I dunno why. Maybe it's lack of motivation. Maybe it's the moon. Maybe it's too much sodium from a sea I've never seen.

Maybe it's just me.

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